Friday, July 15, 2011

अधिकारियों के लिए भी मददगार आरटीआइ

डा. विष्णु राजगढ़िया
पहले कुछ अधिकारियों में धारणा थी कि आरटीआइ से उन्हें परेशानी है। लेकिन अब अधिकारी भी अपने हित में इसका उपयोग कर रहे हैं। पलामू की उपायुक्त श्रीमती पूजा सिंहल को एक आरोप की सच्चाई सामने लाने के लिए आरटीआइ की मदद मिली। झारखंड के ही एक आइएएस को सीबीआइ व आयकर की कार्रवाई से राहत में आरटीआइ का उपयोग हुआ। इस कानून ने देश को एक सकारात्मक दिशा दी है। श्रीमती पूजा सिंहल ने आरटीआइ से मिली सफलता से उत्साहित होकर कहती हैं- जिस मामले में मैं किसी भी रूप से शरीक नहीं थी, उस मामले में मुझ पर अनावश्यक आरोप लगाये गये। इसके कारण मैंने खंूटी के जिला जनसूचना अधिकारी से उस मामले के दस्तावेज सूचना के अधिकार के तहत हासिल किये। इन दस्तावेजांे से साफ है कि मेरे खिलाफ दुष्प्रचार किया गया है।
इस संबंध में रांची से प्रकाशित द पायोनियर की न्यूज स्टोरी इस प्रकार है-
The PIONEER : October 14, 2010 Palamu DC fights allegation through RTI Daltenganj : Palamu Deputy Commissioner Pooja Singhal Purwar had to sought information under the Right to Information Act to challenge allegation of irregularites in awarding work to a junior engineer without following the proper channel during her tenure in Khunti as DC. On October 8, she sought information from the Khunti district public information officer who provided an undersigned information dated October 12. A photo copy of the information sent by the Khunti is with The Pioneer. (letter number 455.nazareth 12.10.10 Khunti) A section of media (not The Pioneer) wrote that when she was the Khunti DC, she hardly cared for the prescribed norms in ordering advances to be made to the engineers and thus she flouted the norms and provisions. Pooja Sinnghal Purwar strongly rubbished it and said there was no such thing. She did one thing. She obtained information in this regard very officially from Khunti itself under the RTI as information given in writing so by the Khunti officer has all legal sanctity and teeth too. The Pioneer spoke to her on Wednesday October 13 to know as to what made her to seek RTI help. Pooja Singhal Purwar said in the past few days there has been a systematic and vicious campaign against her in which her integrity and credentials are doubted and so she thought it proper to have the picture clear under the RTI. Q: You are in the news for your previous posting at Khunti. What is this? DC: Yes, a couple of dailies wrote about me. I do not know why? My stint in Khunti where I was posted in the same capacity as DC as I am here I spent every hour and every day there for the betterment of the poor. Q: Have you straight way given work order to junior engineer Ram Binod Prasad Sinha there in Khunti when you were the Khunti DC? DC: No, never. You see yourself. What the district public information officer Khunti has given in writing. His is a big No. I never gave any straight work order to this junior engineer. Q: Was the JE Sinha given advance without the executive engineer medium? DC: My answer to this is again a very bold no. She showed the copy of the Khunti officer. It also read 'nahi'. Q: When you were the DC Khunti did you take any action against the executive engineers there in Khunti district who were given advances by the Khunti DC (yourself) for their not doing any work against the advances? DC: Yes actions were taken by me. The executive engineer of the Gramin Vikas Vishesh Parmandal Ranchi & Khunti was relieved of the responsibility of the implementation agency of the construction of the Sanyukt Sahkareeta Bhavan there. A 'Parpatra Ka' was readied and sent to principal secretary rural development against the executive engineer of gramin vikas vishesh parmandal for the executive engineer's dereliction and indifference towards work assigned to him. The executive engineer was show caused also for his negligence in the schemes under NREGA. Since this executive engineer did not reply the show cause so served on him to which the administration then recommended for the suspension and initiation of departmental proceedings against him and wrote about him to the principal secretary rural development department. Even permission for lodging of FIR against this executive engineer was sought from the Government. And at last orders were given to the BDO Raneeya in Khnti district to lodge the FIR against this executive engineer with the Raneeya police station. Q: Why is it that the past chases you where ever you go? DC: I am for the poor. I work in accordance with law. This may not have gone down any well with some people there in Khunti. Q: Is there any this predecessor successor angle to it of which you are being so hunted? DC: I believe in mutual respect. For me there is no such angle as you say. We are Government servants. We come and go. Q: It is said you believe in making more enemies than loyalists. Is this? DC: I do not know. I believe I do my job sincerely. I do not know how people become so low to spread all kinds of canard. This is not a healthy practice. You have seen all the papers now Q: Do you think a particular caste men launched this smearing campaign against you? DC; No comment.


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